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"Everyone has a plan...until they get punched in the face."

- Mike Tyson - 

The Covey Co. started because two friends that love handmade quality pieces decided to collaborate and create unique goods found in America and repurpose them for your home or office. For years we have found treasures that many people would throw away - gave them an upgrade -  a new purpose. Our homes and style are a reflection of our journey and The Covey Co. is happy to share its creative vision and talents with you. 

Our journey has had its roadblocks - our plan(s) have been redirected in more ways than we can count. Collectively, we have raised several children - held a number of jobs - and received multiple degrees through the school of hard knocks. Frankly, we are "cov·ey" - a mature pair of birds with a brood of young - a group or company. We believe in the village, our tribe, and the company we have founded. 

The Covey Co. goods are inspired by the village in our lives and the goods we find. Each piece is handmade by our collective artisans in America, created with sustainable products and shipped directly to you. 

We are available to consult on custom goods - prices vary per project - contact us for a quote. 

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